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My cat learned to open cupboards this week. Then he realized his food was kept in a cupboard. Now he does this at every opportunity.

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The carnival is coming to town.

Can’t wait!

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im poor ill try it

ooohhh i have to try this

Sweet Jesus

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True Detective: Rust & Marty.
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You know what’s awesome? A donkey lamb taxi. That sounds like a band name. Hey, when’s the next Donkey Lamb Taxi show?

When sheep herders in the hills of Lombardy, Italy need to move their flocks toward better grazing land, the wee lambs get a little help keeping up with their woolly family. Helpful donkeys are fitted with sets of special lamb-sized pouches. It’s ridiculously cute and cozy mass transit in the form of live taxis who are content to graze right along side the sheep.

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African Red River Hog Piglets Are a First for Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is celebrating the birth of five African Red River Hogs! The three males and two females were born on February 28 and are the first of this species ever born at Zoo Miami. The piglets and their mom, Penny, are behind the scenes for now, until keepers are confident that the family has bonded well.

See more of the piglets at Zooborns

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i was 136 and then 125 and then 119 and now i’m 130 flat. i don’t think i’m fat i really don’t but i went bathing suit shopping tonight and i looked bad in everything honestlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy SIGH

that’s how I feel whenever I shop for bathing suits. Im 5’2 120. how tall are you?

This made my night
Feb 18, 2014

This made my night